These are some sites that I've found to be helpful.

Or, at least entertaining.... 

The site is still under construction... So please check back later if links, pics, etc. are missing or don't work.

This is a site that I've found where homebrewers post messages, share recipes, advice, etc.  It's an excellent site and the folks are very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and above all very patient.

Excellent recipe site.

Lots of cool brew recipes here.  I think users upload their own recipes here.  Some of the instructions may be a little lacking for the newbie...  (Like me.)

Looking for recipes?

Lots of recipes here... And, you can add yours too.

Brewer's Lair

This is a really cool site.  It has recipes.  But it also has all kinds of calculators, brewing tips, and so much more.

Great book available online.

I am in the process of reading this myself.  I think it's so cool that this book is available free to read online.  It's got a ton of information.  And it's laid out very logically to take you from your first kit all the way to all grain brewing.

Make glue for your labels.

To me half the fun of making beer is making labels to go onto the bottles.  Here's a site with a recipe to make homemade glue from powdered milk.  It washes right off when you're done so you can reuse your bottles.

Do you "do it yourself"?

This is a good site for the home brewer who's into the whole "DIY" scene. 

Want a bottle opener with your brewery's logo on it?

Asuming that you have a logo. ( And what home brewer hasn't tinkered around with a logo while they are waiting for that first beer to be ready.)  You can get bumper stickers, coasters, and mugs too.