Schlenkerla's California Common Ale (amber)  Slightly modified...  :)

3Lbs. of Muntons DME Amber.
1/4 Lb. of Cara-Pils Dextrine Malt
1/4 Lb. of Crystal 40L America

1/2 Oz. Cascade Pellet @ 60 Min.
1/2 Oz. Cascade Pellet @ 30 Min.
1/2 Oz. Cascade Pellet @ Flameout.

Dasntar, Nottingham

Brewers Notes.

I placed all of my dry grains in a grain bag and placed them into the pot with 1 1/2 gal of cool water.  I set the burner on the stove to med. heat.  (6)
When the temp of the water reached 150 deg. F. I removed pot from heat, placed the lid on, and let the grains steep for 30 min.
After 30 min. steep, I removed grain bag and drained well.  (No squeezing)  Then I poured about a Quart of hot tap water over the grains to sparge them.

The Boil.

After steeping, draining, and sparging, I returned the pot to the heat and cranked it up pretty high.  (9)
I heated the water to 200 deg. F.  At which point it appeared to be "about to boil". 
          Note:  It really smelled great at this point.  :)
At 200 deg. I removed from heat and added about 1/3 of my DME.  stirred it into the wort. 
          Note 1:  I may have stirred a little too vigorously at this point.  I caught myself and slowed it down to keep from splashing it around.
          Note 2:  It didn't smell nearly as good after adding DME.
After adding DME I returned to the heat and it came to a good rolling boil pretty quickly.
Then, I added 1/2 oz. of hops and started 60 min. countdown.
          Note:  After the first hops went in it began to REEK!
At 30 Min. I added another 1/2 Oz. hops.
At 15 Min. I removed it from the heat and added the rest of my DME.
          Note:  Quite a bit of the DME got wet and stuck to the bag due to the steam rising from the brewpot.
With 10 Min. remaining in the boil I added 1/2 tsp of Irish Moss.With 00 Min. remaining I removed the pot from the heat and tossed another 1/2 Oz. of hops on top.  (No stirring or boiling)

A Note about the hops I used.

The recipe called for Cascade pellet hops ( 5.10) @ 60min and 30 min. and Cascade Whole (5.75) At flame out.  The homebrew supply that we have locally didn't have these exact hops so I went with what they had.  The hops that I bought are Argentine Cascade hops (Alpha 3.2).  I'm not sure how that will affect the taste of the beer.  Notice the above note about the fact that they reeked when I added them...  So, I'm a little nervous about them.  Also, the recipe called for whole hops at flameout.  They didn't have these either so I just added more of the Argentine. 

Cool down.

After flamout and the last hop addition the whole brewpot went into the sink for an Icebath.  It took a little while and quite a bit of ice but I got it down to 95 deg.  I then put it into my fermenter, added enough water to bring it up to 2.5 gallons, and took a Hydrometer reading.  At least I think I did...  1.056 @ 95 deg.  Since that is a little hot, I think I'm supposed to add 5 to the reading.  So...  1.056 + 5 = 1.061??????  I've got to do some research on that one...

Pitching the yeast.

I checked the temp of the wort and it was around 90 deg f. so I sprinkled most of the yeast on top of the wort.  ( I didn't use all of the packet because I figured that packet was for a 5 gal. batch.)  I let it sit on top for 5 or so mins. while I cleaned up the kitchen a little.  After the 5 min.  I checked and most of the yeast had sunk so I gave it a vigorous  stirring to mix the yeast into the wort and add oxygen.  I put the lid on (not too tightly.) and placed it in the dark.