This is where I'll post my label Ideas.

Of course these are just Ideas.  Many of them will never actually be used.  I'll just post them here and ask for feed back.

Apfelwein Label 2nd Draft.

After posting the first draft on and receiving some constructive criticism I made a few changes.

Apfelwein Label 1st draft.

Apfelwein is a German hard cider. 

Here's a new label Idea for my "House Ale".  Assuming I ever actually have a house ale.

This is a first draft of a label I did for an American Wheat.

Summer Wheat Label.  2nd draft

After posting the label on I received some advice and made a couple of changes.

Bluegrass weekend inspiration.

I spent Memorial Day weekend at the Bass Mtn. bluegrass festival in Snow Camp, NC.  We sat around the campground at night and picked music until the wee hours of the morning.  Needless to say, quite a few beers were consumed.  Since the two go so naturally together I decided that before I go back next year I'll have a good sized batch of beer ready to take along to share with my pickin' buddies.

Here's a label concept I've been tossing around.  I'm not certain about the name or alcohol content yet.  (Especially since I haven't brewed the beer yet.  lol)  But, I think the label turned out pretty cool.   I know it's a little corny.  But, I kind of like it. The name of the beer comes from the old carter family song: "bury me beneath the weeping willow".   I may change the text at the bottom too.  I'm thinking:  "Beer so good you'll want to be buried with one."  or maybe:  "bury your face in one."

The labels:

The first brew in the works is a West Coast Ale.  (It was the mix that came with my kit.)  I added honey to the brew.  I just had to tinker with it a little.  So, with the honey in the brew, I decided to call it Kornbread's Hive Bomber Ale.

The label was made by combining a seal that I generated with's seal generator with a cartoon bee that I drew using Inkscape.

I'm not sure I'll use it, But I thought the "drunk" bee was pretty funny.